Can you leave bees in your walls?

No, it is not recommended to leave bees in your walls. Bees are typically better managed when kept in a beehive, which is specifically designed to contain them. If you have a bee infestation in your walls, the best way to take care of it is to call a professional beekeeper or expert. They will … Read more

Can you hang a picture with twine?

Yes, hanging a picture with twine is possible. You’ll need to use a heavy-duty twine in order to provide enough support for the picture. The first step is to figure out where you want to hang the picture and mark the wall with a pencil. You’ll then need two or more nails depending on the … Read more

What happens if you mix bleach and laundry detergent?

If you mix bleach and laundry detergent, you can create a toxic chlorine gas. This gas is dangerous and can cause serious health problems including burning of the eyes, throat, and lungs; difficulty breathing; and even death in severe cases. Additionally, mixing certain kinds of detergents and bleach can create hazardous chemicals such as chloramines. … Read more

How do you remove dye transfer?

Removing dye transfer from fabrics can seem like a difficult task. The key to success is understanding the source of the dye transfer and taking the necessary steps to remove it. The first step is to identify the source of the dye transfer. Generally this is caused by another item of clothing or fabric being … Read more

Is iron on hem tape permanent?

Overall, it depends on the type of iron on hem tape that you are using. Most Iron-On Hems contain a special adhesive that bonds to fabrics permanently once heated up with an iron – however this is not always the case! Cool water or by using a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Furthermore, if you … Read more

What gets rid of eczema fast in babies?

The best way to get rid of eczema fast in babies is to identify and eliminate potential triggers that cause flare-ups. These triggers can be environmental, such as dust mites, certain fabrics, soaps, detergents, and so on. It could also be food related, such as cow’s milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, and more. In order to … Read more

How do you cover a couch with a throw?

Covering a couch with a throw is a relatively simple process. First, decide which direction you want to drape the throw, either horizontally or vertically. It’s generally best to drape the throw in the same direction as the furniture’s other upholstery, if there is any. If not, consider the shape and size of the throw … Read more

What does keep dry symbol mean?

The Keep Dry symbol is an international symbol that indicates that a particular item needs to be kept dry, meaning that it must not be exposed to moisture, water or any other liquids in order to maintain its quality and integrity. It is often displayed on containers, packaging, machinery and other items that should not … Read more

What removes ring around the collar?

The most effective and efficient way to remove ring around the collar is to mix together equal parts white vinegar and warm water in a bowl. Next, take a clean, white cloth and dip it into the mixture and use it to scrub the ring around the collar. Also, you can add baking soda to … Read more